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This is a special interest subsection of our wider Perspectives library in which we present finology perspectives.

In our society, it’s critical that every individual has a clear perspective about money, and the role that it plays in their present and future well-being.  But money means different things to different people. People also have different perspectives on money, based on their past experiences.

Finology explores the relationship between human beings and money in our society. It is the emerging (and converging) research field covering the study of minds, customs and behaviours with respect to money. It incorporates behaviour finance and much, much more. 

At PortfolioConstruction Forum, our particular passion for finology is as it applies to the giving and receiving of quality investment advice. Finology complements our technical portfolio construction continuing education programs, and our philosophy of enabling better quality portfolio construction knowledge, wisdom and skills, to improve the financial well-being of individuals and help build healthier communities.

Watch - What is finology? (3 mins)
Graham Rich, Publisher, PortfolioConstruction Forum

our Finology Backgrounder
"What is finology?" by riskinfo
"Attitude to money impacts advice delivery" by Wouter Klijn
"Introducing financial planning 'finology'" by Simon Hoyle

our Chief Finology Officer, Dr David Lazenby

Finology library

  1. Finology Summit 2017 - The winds of change - key takeouts

    Finology Summit 2017 focused on how "The winds of change" are affecting how investors think and behave with respect to money, and how we can better to relate with them. Here are our key takeouts.

    Will Jackson, PortfolioConstruction Forum | 23-02-17 | Key Takeouts
  2. About Finology Summit

    Finology Summit is THE behavioural finance (and much, much more) masterclass of the year. Strictly limited to 200 delegates, Finology Summit will further improve the way you relate with individual investors - and/or help others who must do so.

    17-02-17 | More
  3. Backgrounder: 5 Megatrends driving portfolio construction

    Will Jackson, PortfolioConstruction Forum | 13-02-17 | Backgrounder
  4. Empathy is the essential skill to survive the Robo threat

    With the onward marching of computing power, our transition from being "knowledge workers" to "relationship workers" may be here sooner than we realise.

    Michael Kitces, Pinnacle Advisory Group | 10-02-17 | 2 comments | White Paper
  5. The 4th industrial revolution

    We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In the end, it all comes down to people and values.

    Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum | 10-02-17 | Opinion
  6. Finology Summit 2017 - Topics, Faculty & Sessions

    Finology Summit 2017 features a stellar lineup of international and local finology experts experts offering their best high conviction idea/thesis on how investors think and behave with respect to money, and how better to relate with them (and help others who must do so).

    10-02-17 | Topic, Faculty & Sessions
  7. Loss aversion, "FoMo", anxiety and mistiming

    Four common behavioural problems make the journey of investing particularly challenging for many investors. An understanding of each help investors stay the course and meet their goals.

    Douglas Isles, Platinum Asset Management | 10-02-17 | Opinion