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Since 2002, PortfolioConstruction Forum Conference has gained a reputation as THE investment conference of the year. Presented in Sydney each August, it is our flagship program - a jam-packed, marathon two-day program featuring 35+ intensive, objective, interactive sessions and more than 40 carefully selected local and international portfolio construction experts.  It is a companion program to the annual Markets Summit held in Sydney each February.

Strictly limited to 510 delegates, Conference will challenge and refresh your portfolio construction thinking, giving you tangible and meaningful takeouts to apply in practice to build better quality investor portfolios.

Mark your diary! Conference 2017 (23-24 Aug). Meanwhile, "attend" Conference 2016 online!

Graham Rich, Publisher

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Who is it suited to?

Conference is for portfolio construction Practitioners first and foremost – by that, we mean those who design, build and/or manage investment portfolios (or who must understand how others do so).

To retain the focus on Practitioners, we tightly manage to a 4:1 ratio of Practitioners to Non-Practitioners.

Why is it different?

PortfolioConstruction Forum Conference facilitates debate on markets, strategies and investing. It has earned its reputation as THE investment conference of the year due to five key differentiators:

  • focused - singularly focused on the markets, strategies, and investing;

  • specialist - for practitioners first and foremost, with a cohesive theme and a firm emphasis on substance, not sizzle;

  • independent - independently developed and moderated, intensive, jam-packed two-day program;

  • effective - provides a solid base for building portfolios including a post-event Resources Kit (companion to Markets Summit, providing consistency of continuing professional development); and,

  • efficient - great value for money, a strong focus on implementation, and a very strong CPD focus and points allocation (15 CPD hours).

Program overview

Conference does not begin and end with the two-day program itself. It is an integrated learning program, with preparation, participation and review.


To maximise your learning, you will be provided with pre-reading aimed at boosting your knowledge and getting you thinking about the issues to be addressed at Conference. The pre-reading is assumed prior knowledge for all delegates.


The two-day Conference program is designed by our specialist, experienced and independent team, and features:

  1. Critical Issues Forum program - the 12-hour plenary style program covers two of our three pillars: Markets – the drivers of and outlook for global investment markets; and, Strategies - developing robust strategies to meet defined objectives. It features 20 leading investment thinkers from around the world, presenting on contemporary and emerging portfolio construction issues related to the Conference theme.

  2. Due Diligence Forum program - the 3-hour elective program is focused on our third pillar, Investing - identifying quality investment solutions and their place in portfolios. It features 20 more international and local investment experts presenting pre-approved Research Papers on specific issues related to the Conference theme. It is delivered in four timeslots, each offering you the choice of five concurrent electives, delivering a total of 20 sessions. You attend four DDF sessions at Conference and, afterwards, you can "attend" the remaining 16 DDF sessions via the online Resources Kit (and earn further CPD accreditation).

Conference is not just a talk-fest. Delegates are issued with an Resources Kit Workbook so they can record their thoughts, key takeouts and implementation implications, to put what they've heard into practice when building investor portfolios.

Resources Kit

After Conference, delegates' learning continues via an extensive online Resources Kit – an invaluable set of continuing education material including the presentations, videos, podcasts, and papers from the program.

You can revisit the program, access support material referred to, and review the key takeouts and portfolio construction implications to determine actions to take to build better quality investor portfolios. You can also “attend” the 16 DDF sessions you weren’t able to attend at Conference (and earn further CPD accreditation).

Recent past programs

Conference 2016 - The long and short of it

Investing is supposed to be about the incremental replacement of human capital with financial capital over the long term - that's the theory. But today's environment and our behavioural biases conspire against such a pure case. In short - short-termism seems rife! We see the effect in the ever increasing emphasis on fees and reporting of short-term returns for markets, securities, funds and portfolios. Is the concept of long-term investing increasingly irrelevant?

Resources Kit

Conference 2015 - Crossroads:  Dilemmas | Decisions

Portfolio construction is approaching a crossroads – and critical questions must be answered. Complicating things further, what were only emerging megatrends early last decade have now become entrenched, causing massive structural change and further portfolio construction dilemmas. Critical decisions must now be made.

Resources Kit

Conference 2014 - Reconnecting the three Rs - Risk & Return (& Relating)

The last decade has seen a distinct disconnect between investment risk and return, versus what we're taught should be the case. How can we reconnect risk and return in portfolios? If that's not difficult enough, how do we best communicate these complex concepts to investors, in a way they can understand?

Resources Kit

Conference 2013 - Lifecycle Investing

Better quality portfolio construction must take a whole of life focus, considering accumulation and decumulation - and their profoundly complex mix of risks - as equally important phases of one continuous process.

How do we better construct portfolios for the whole of an investor's life?

Resources Kit

Conference 2012 - tHiNkInG oUtSiDe ThE bOx

For the first time in generations, we're in a new investment regime. Markets are likely to produce modest real returns with significant volatility for the next decade or more. Different (and difficult) times call for different approaches to portfolio construction.

How do we build better quality investor portfolios in this new regime?

Resources Kit


Conference 2011 - Thinking about the woods AND the trees

For a long time, practitioners could devote themselves to company financials and valuations, with 'set and forget' asset allocation models. But then along came the biggest macro economic shock in more than a generation - suddenly, macro mattered.

What are the key macro AND micro issues - and what they mean for investor portfolios?

Resources Kit


Conference 2010 - Building shock resistant portfolios

With sovereign uncertainty and global systemic risk at unprecedented levels and likely to remain so for much of the decade, markets are likely to be volatile for years, lurching from one shock to the next, with rallies between.

So how do we build shock resistant portfolios?

Resources Kit

Conference 2009 - Investing in the new reality

The 2009 Conference was the first post Global Financial Crisis. It was a very different investment environment compared to a year prior - some things had changed forever; others only temporarily. Some things had not changed at all.

But which was which? What WAS the new reality? And what did it mean for portfolios?

Resources Kit


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