"Debt bubble economics" rules

Australia is increasingly resorting to a policy (if you can call it that) of "debt bubble economics" - exactly what caused bubbles and major busts in the US and other economies in recent decades.

Dominic McCormick, Select Investment Partners Opinion


Why Monte Carlo analysis is biased

Monte Carlo analysis is the most common tool used to project portfolio values - yet it has an optimistic bias that sizeably underestimate required retirement savings.

James Lear, Guideway Financial 3 commentsWhite Paper


World will bounce back from loos blues

George Soros may be wrong about global deflation for four reasons. But if Trump wins the Republican nomination and then the presidency, all bets will be off.

Niall Ferguson, Harvard University Opinion


China and the middle income trap

As China's economy slows and policymakers struggle to deal with a range of challenges, economic friction is mounting. Without drastic reforms, China will find it difficult to avoid the middle income trap.

Alex Wolf, Standard Life Investments0.50 CE 1 commentResources


Gold stocks - just for the bears?

Gold stocks have become a great addition to portfolios - based on expected returns as well as their strong diversification benefits given a beta of almost nothing.

Olivia Engel, State Street Global Advisors Opinion


US recovery - entering a new phase

Since mid-February, our confidence has strengthened that the US economic recovery is moving into a new phase as the middle class becomes a bigger driver of growth.

Ronald Temple, Lazard Asset Management Opinion


Brexit now and we'll only have to Breturn

The lesson of history is that British isolationism is a trigger for continental disintegration. A vote for Brexit will mean Britain will have to "Breturn" sooner or later, to sort out the ensuing mess.

Niall Ferguson, Harvard University Opinion


In defense of the Chinese Yuan

Notwithstanding an extended period of stability this year, the Chinese Yuan remains fairly high on investors' lists of global risk factors. Perceptions of vulnerability remain and are worth addressing.

Dr Robert Gay, Fenwick Advisers Opinion


Eight core ideas to guide retirement income planning

Retirement income planning is a relatively new field that differs from traditional wealth accumulation. Eight key ideas serve as a manifesto for my approach to retirement income planning.

Wade D. Pfau, The American College Opinion


Investment grade credit - income without destroying capital

It's possible to have your cake and eat it too. Global investment grade credit has not been this attractive in spread terms for the past six years.

Robert Mead, PIMCO0.50 CE 2 commentsResources