Brexit now and we will only have to Breturn

The lesson of history is that British isolationism is a trigger for continental disintegration. A vote for Brexit will mean Britain will have to "Breturn" sooner or later, to sort out the ensuing mess.

Niall Ferguson, Harvard University Opinion


In defense of the Chinese Yuan

Notwithstanding an extended period of stability this year, the Chinese Yuan remains fairly high on investors' lists of global risk factors. Perceptions of vulnerability remain and are worth addressing.

Dr Robert Gay, Fenwick Advisers Opinion


Eight ideas to guide retirement planning

Retirement income planning is a relatively new field that differs from traditional wealth accumulation. Eight key ideas serve as a manifesto for my approach to retirement income planning.

Wade D. Pfau, The American College Opinion


Global investment grade credit

It's possible to have your cake and eat it too. Global investment grade credit has not been this attractive in spread terms for the past six years.

Robert Mead, PIMCO0.50 CE 1 commentResources


The US election - sound the trumpets?

We expect the US election to start mattering to markets at the end of August, once the two candidates are chosen. Policy uncertainty will rise and the US equity risk premium with it.

Marko Papic, BCA Research White Paper


ZIRP & NIRP - killing retirement as we know it

Retirees and their pensions are being sacrificed for what now passes as "the greater good." ZIRP has created a massive problem for retirement savers and pension fund managers. NIRP will make their problem worse.

John Mauldin, Mauldin Economics Opinion


News that should shock nobody

I awoke to read three pieces in the papers. These items contained news that would have surprised nobody, had global economic and market commentators been doing their job of properly interpreting the news.

Dr Woody Brock, SED Opinion


How to identify retirement resources that matter

It's a sad fact that not everyone adjusts well to retirement. It's estimated that about one third of retirees have problems adapting after leaving full time work. So why do some people fail to adapt? A Dynamic Resource Model provides a potential solution.

Dr Joanne Earl, Flinders University1.00 CE Resources


The resources cycle is getting closer to the bottom

In a cyclical sector like commodity, deja-vu abounds for those with a long memory. As the outlook improves, equities usually rally before commodity prices, responding to improved demand forecasts.

Dr Joanne Warner, Colonial First State Global Asset Management0.50 CE 2 commentsResources


Investment lessons from Japan

Often in markets, you do get the feeling that somehow we've been here before. But things are never quite the same. Looking at some examples from the past, particularly Japan, we can see what can we learn and apply to our investment decisions going forward.

Tim Farrelly, farrelly's 6 commentsOpinion