Crossroads: Is it lower rates for longer? Or back to higher rates?

Will low interest rates be with us for decades? Or are higher rates ahead? Our Academy panel argues the case for "lower for longer" versus "back to higher" - and the implications for portfolios.

Hamish Douglas, Rob Mead, Chris Joye, Tim Farrelly Opinion


Whistleblowers, witch-hunts and wisdom

Recent reports covering IOOF have, in my view, widely missed the mark. The media, politicians and industry participants who have helped propel what to me looks like a witch-hunt need to stop and think.

Dominic McCormick, Select Asset Management Opinion


Four geopolitical issues to watch

Four "big picture" geopolitical conditions will affect policy and markets going forward - in order of importance, the South China Sea, Russia returns, the end of Sykes-Picot in the Middle East, and the unwinding of the EU.

Bill O’Grady, Confluence Investment Management Opinion


Greferendum and the markets

Contrary to most of headlines, the astonishing weekend events in Greece will almost certainly prove bullish for risk assets around the world and especially in Europe.

Anatole Kaletsky, GaveKal Opinion


Shelter from the storm in Europe

The current focus on the downpour in Greece is understandable. But we should not be so distracted that we fail to prepare for two other possible storms – and the possibility that they converge into a perfect storm.

Mohamed El-Erian, Allianz Opinion


China A-shares - knocking on the door of global equity indices

Last week, MSCI announced that it expects to include China A-shares in its global equity indices once some remaining concerns have been addressed. This will fundamentally change managers' investible universe.

Lilian Leung & Dennis Eldridge, JP Morgan Asset Management Opinion


"No property bubble" case lacks substance

If the "no property bubble" camp is to gain credibility, they need to develop much stronger arguments than many trotted out recently.

Dominic McCormick, Select Asset Management Opinion


Protect and survive

I am convinced that both economies and markets are reaching a point of transition where one of two discrete outcomes is likely. Portfolios must offer the potential for reasonable performance in either eventuality.

Charles Gave, GaveKal Opinion


In defense of smart beta

Michael Edesess has encouraged investors to be skeptical of the strategies being marketed under the moniker of "smart beta". I'm compelled to cross-examine his accusations.

Keith Goddard, Capital Advisors Opinion


The global economy is firing on all cylinders

The outlook for the global economy is unambiguously positive. At long last, all regional economic cylinders are firing in unison and secular stagnation is yesterday's story.

Jonathan Pain, The Pain Report 1 commentResources


Outperformance candidates

In 2015, currencies will basically drive the outperformance candidates as economies try to steal growth from each other. Plus, there is a decade-long mania candidate - healthcare.

Lenka Martinek, BCA Research Opinion