China A shares emerging?

Despite strong returns, it's still hard for investors to think positively about China A shares as an investment. The key is to envisage what the world will look like in 10 to 15 years.

Dominic McCormick, Select Asset Management Opinion


Yin & Yang of retirement income

This white paper serves up a retirement income planning "buffet" - reviewing the two main opposing philosophies and the range of strategies that span the divide.

Angela Ashton, PortfolioConstruction Forum Research


Are low-vol stocks over crowded?

Ten years ago, hardly anyone talked about low-volatility investing. Now there's growing concern it is becoming an overcrowded trade. There are four arguments against this.

David Blitz & Pim van Vliet, Robeco White Paper


The return of the US dollar

The US dollar rally could contribute to the "rebalancing" that has long eluded the world economy. But that is far from guaranteed given the related risks of financial instability.

Mohamed El-Erian, Allianz Opinion


Now you can, should you?

The world's biggest inaccessible stock market is finally opening to foreigners. Those with strong convictions about the rise of the Chinese consumer may want to take a hard look.

Thomas Gatley, GaveKal Opinion


The power of R cubed

It is given that we all are wired to act foolishly sometimes, so how can we be better "choice architects" and "decision reassurers" for ourselves and our clients?

Dr David Lazenby, ScenarioNow Inc Resources


Revisiting sequence of returns risk

In managing sequence of returns risk, we may not be giving simple rebalancing nearly the credit it deserves to accomplish similar or better than more complex approaches.

Michael Kitces, Pinnacle Advisory Group 1 comment Research paper


Risk parity portfolios and the low beta premium

In recent years, the risk parity approach to asset allocation has been gaining popularity. Evidence supports it but confidence in its efficacy requires a theoretical justification.

Cliff Asness, AQR Capital Resources


Celebrity central bankers

There are good reasons why central bankers receive so much media. But the bubble around their pronouncements grossly exaggerates their economic significance.

Kenneth Rogoff, Harvard University Opinion


Why are bond yields so low?

The answer seems obvious. But more complicated forces are at work that have reduced real interest rates far below historic norms and may keep them very low for many years.

Dr Robert Gay, Fenwick Advisers | Opinion CPD Full Story


IS is irrelevant - Libya is relevant

The media continues to obsess about IS - but the far more investment-relevant development in the Middle East is the sudden return of Libyan crude to the market.

Marko Papic, BCA Research Opinion


Single-engine global economy

The global economy is like a jetliner that needs all of its engines operational to take off. Unfortunately, only one of its four engines is functioning properly.

Nouriel Roubini, Roubini Global Economics Opinion


Taking a gamble with negative interest rates

The taboo that savers have to be compensated for handing money to a financial institution has been broken, with the ECB's negative rates finally being passed on to retail clients.

Oliver Hartwich, The New Zealand Initiative Opinion


Deflation: Boom Or bust?

It has been my contention for a while that capitalism is returning to its 19th century deflationary roots. Indeed, the evidence has become overwhelming.

Charles Gave, GaveKal Opinion


Low beta anomaly - mispricing or risk?

I don't dispute low vol stocks outperform highly vol stocks. But volatility does not explain all of an asset's risk.

Michael Furey, Delta Research & Advisory 1 comment Opinion