Trend to global investing still has much further to go

Recently, I attended the Eureka Report Around the World of Investing Forum. The overwhelming impression was that global investing is very new to many Australians.

Dominic McCormick, Select Asset Management Opinion


Lessons form the last 40 yrs

Looking back over the last 40 years, it is clear that, in the next 20 years, successful asset owners and managers are going to listen to Einstein and stop making things too simple.

Alan Brown Opinion


A better class of bubble

Only the most die-hard peak-oil proponents, or other gold-bugs, will fail to acknowledge that the commodity bubble has burst. Is it a positive, or negative, for financial markets?

Louis-Vincent Gave, GaveKal Opinion


The return of currency wars

The right policies are the opposite of those pursued by the world's major economies. No wonder global growth keeps disappointing. In a sense, we are all Japanese now.

Nouriel Roubini, Roubini Global Economics Opinion


How best to take portfolio risk

The traditional approach to portfolio construction is to own a diversified portfolio, adjusting total risk up or down. An alternative is to take a bucket approach.

Michael Kitces, Pinnacle Advisory Group Resources


Japan's election and the yen

By calling an election now, Abe is betting that a further big fall in the yen - and a consequent further rise in the Nikkei - is no certainty. He may well be right.

Louis-Vincent Gave, GaveKal Opinion


Bad yen falling

Japan is not going to stop QE next year or the year after or the year after that. This is not Zimbabwe printing money. Japan is important to the global economy - what they do affects everything.

John Mauldin, Mauldin Economics Opinion


The return of the US dollar

The US dollar rally could contribute to the "rebalancing" that has long eluded the world economy. But that is far from guaranteed given the related risks of financial instability.

Mohamed El-Erian, Allianz Opinion


Evaluating active managers

Statistics rarely tell the story clearly. With trial and error, I found that looking at three dimensions of performance assisted my interpretation.

Don Ezra, Russell Investments White paper


Geopol- tical risks growing in East Asia

China's taken a tough approach to its periphery. This doesn't necessarily spell doom and gloom for Australia and the region.

Linda Jakobson, University of Sydney/Lowy Institute Resources


China A shares emerging?

Despite strong returns, it's still hard for investors to think positively about China A shares as an investment. The key is to envisage what the world will look like in 10 to 15 years.

Dominic McCormick, Select Asset Management 1 comment Opinion


Now you can, should you?

The world's biggest inaccessible stock market is finally opening to foreigners. Those with strong convictions about the rise of the Chinese consumer may want to take a hard look.

Thomas Gatley, GaveKal Opinion


Yin & Yang of retirement income

This white paper serves up a retirement income planning "buffet" - reviewing the two main opposing philosophies and the range of strategies that span the divide.

Angela Ashton, PortfolioConstruction Forum 2 comments Research


Are low-vol stocks over crowded?

Ten years ago, hardly anyone talked about low-volatility investing. Now there's growing concern it is becoming an overcrowded trade. There are four arguments against this.

David Blitz & Pim van Vliet, Robeco White Paper