Macron’s mission

The centrist Emmanuel Macron's success in the first round of the French presidential election is likely to re-energise Europe.

Harold James, Princeton University Opinion


Decoding the latest Fed speak

The Fed's talk of a symmetrical inflation goal played well to markets when they were in the throes of the reflation trade. Markets are now flipping to the conclusion that transparency amounts to dovish policy.

Dr Robert Gay, Fenwick Advisers Opinion


Now is the time to accumulate duration

As 2017 began, there was (once again) an air of optimism that interest rates are about to return to normal. This optimism dismisses the significant structural headwinds that are prevalent.

Brett Lewthwaite, Macquarie Investment Management0.25 CE 3 commentsResources


Bonds are different - active v passive

Opinions in the active-passive investment debate have drifted poles apart over recent years. This paper revisits this discussion finding that, unlike their stock counterparts, active bond mutual funds have largely outperformed their median passive peers over the sample period.

Jamil Baz et al, PIMCO White Paper


People know what to do to change their circumstances. They just need to do it!

Can clients easily change their behaviour? The theory of planned behaviour can help to promote real change and convert intentions into outcomes.

Dr Joanne Earl, Flinders University1.00 CE Resources


Expect turbulent US-China ties to test the region

US-China relations under President Donald Trump will be turbulent. This will be testing for an economically interdependent region.

Linda Jakobson, China Matters0.50 CE Resources


Crouching Donald, Paper Tiger

Trump is learning that he is hemmed in by the same constraints as Obama's administration. As with Obama, the agent of change is turning out to be an agent of continuity.

Barry Eichengreen, University of California, Berkeley Opinion


Welcome to Trump Casino

The market is expecting a big pick-up in earnings from Trump's business friendly tax cuts, deregulation and an infrastructure spending boom. But will it be enough?

Tim Farrelly, farrelly's 1 commentOpinion


Research Review: Only in Scandinavia?

Do professional investors do better when investing on their own behalf? What is the relationship between the remuneration of professional investors and performance? What role to gender and age play in the use of ETFs?

Ron Bird, University of Technology Sydney Review


Empathy is the essential skill to survive

The key trait for relating to investors in the future will be the one skill that our brains are not programmed to receive from a computer - empathy.

Michael Kitces, Nerd's Eye View0.50 CE Resources