The temptations of a resilient China

Another growth scare has come and gone for the Chinese economy. The near-term prognosis for the Chinese economy is far more encouraging than most had expected. China is actually making rapid progress on the road to rebalancing.

Stephen Roach, Yale University Opinion


The myth of declin-ing living standards

Contrary to popular belief, western living standards have not declined in recent decades. Rather, government statistics failed to capture a key element of real GPD growth.

Dr Woody Brock, SED 1 commentOpinion


Behavioral biases & hierarchy of retirement needs

Research suggests we mentally account for income and assets with an intrinsic hierarchy of priorities - a "hierarchy of retirement needs". So retirement income strategies should be reframed to answer three questions.

Michael Kitces, Nerd's Eye View Research


Ageing will reshape the global order

Global ageing will have significant effects over the next few decades as it reduces the economic power and geopolitical influence of developed nations, in turn increasing the risk of social upheaval in the developing world.

Will Jackson, PortfolioConstruction Forum Opinion


The winds of change are stronger than you think

Investors should question the assumption that inflation and interest rates will be "lower for longer" and instead consider that inflation could be whipped into a storm by trade, monetary and border policy.

Ronald Temple, Lazard Asset Management0.25 CE Resources


What's a president to do?

Trump promised a raft of sweeping economic-policy changes - but has quickly discovered that the US political system is designed to prevent rapid, large-scale change. So what will an impatient president do?

Barry Eichengreen, University of California, Berkeley Opinion


Finology Summit 2017 - The winds of change - key takeouts

Finology Summit 2017 focused on how "The winds of change" are affecting how investors think and behave with respect to money, and how we can better to relate with them. Here are our key takeouts.

Will Jackson, PortfolioConstruction Forum Key Takeouts


The hunt for yield is over

Money velocity is accelerating in the US and UK, as commercial banks rediscover their appetite for risk and the two economies continue to normalise. The shift has significant implications for asset allocators.

Chris Watling, Longview Economics 2 commentsOpinion


Rethinking productivity growth

In thinking about the future of growth, and the opportunities that continued growth will open up for all of humanity, we should reflect on how far we have come.

J. Bradford DeLong, University of California 1 commentOpinion


Negative gearing is responsible for high property prices?

A more realistic view of the world is that price appreciation drives negative gearing - not the other way around. Abolish negative gearing and nothing much happens.

Tim Farrelly, farrelly's 7 commentsOpinion


Four fundamental portfolio construction decisions

Markets Summit 2017 delivered 20+ high conviction ideas on how the winds of change are affecting the outlook for economies and asset classes - and delegates were asked to convert the insights into four fundamental portfolio construction decisions.

Will Jackson, PortfolioConstruction Forum Opinion