How much should we have in resource stocks?

The Australian sharemarket’s high weight to resource stocks is an accident of history and geography. A lower than market cap weight to resource stocks in portfolios seems much more sensible.

Tim Farrelly, farrelly's Research


Backgrounder: The long and short of it

Managing the fundamental friction between short-term and long-term investing imperatives is a key challenge when building portfolios. This Backgrounder explores some of the key concepts and debates.

PortfolioConstruction Forum White Paper


Wanted: A counter-populism strategy

The IMF is right to warn that populism poses a serious threat to the global economy. What is really worrying is It is no longer only populists of Donald Trump's ilk who are delivering it. Mainstream politicians increasingly sound populist too.

Oliver Hartwich, The New Zealand Initiative 1 commentOpinion


Under-standing "founder's mentality"

Only 1 in 10 listed companies globally achieved sustainable, profitable growth over the decade. A disproportionate number had a founder still running the firm or who remains on the Board.

Mugunthan Siva, India Avenue Investment Management Opinion


Demo-graphics does not mean dull

Demographic trends give a solid basis from which to forecast beyond the usual two-year time horizon. Demographic layering of equity investment decisions can be a powerful structural growth tool as well as a strong risk mitigator.

Alva Devoy, Fidelity International0.50 CE Resources


Three ingred-ients for success

Active fund groups with the right combination of culture, technology and philosophy enable investors to protect and grow their capital in a complex world.

Bill Priest, Epoch Investment Partners Resources


Using a "bond tent" to navigate the retirement danger zone

Perhaps the best way to manage sequence of return risk in the years leading up to retirement and thereafter is simply to build up and then use a reserve of bonds to weather the storm.

Michael Kitces, Pinnacle Advisory Group 2 commentsResearch


Do you own enough global small caps?

A satellite allocation to global small caps can increase portfolio efficiency over the long term.

Lazard Asset Management White Paper


Forecasting US recessions - what works and what doesn't

Broad analysis of generally effective indicators of US recessions leads to the conclusion that recession risks in the US are clearly continuing to rise. A wide range of indicators confirm the message although some doubts remain.

Chris Watling, Longview Economics Research


Manager benchmarking is a pox on both investors and markets

It seems sensible to make investment managers accountable by requiring them to perform relative to a benchmark. But this kind of motivation has a perverse effect.

Ron Bird, University of Technology Sydney0.50 CE Resources


This is not the time to stop thinking

While parts of the asset management industry appear to be dumbing down, we must continue to educate individuals on the differences between investment and speculation.

Hamish Douglass, Magellan Financial Group Resources